Meet Avinash Bansal

Avinash Bansal is a dynamic entreprenuer hailing from the well know family of Hissar. Even though his educationacal background is that of an electrical engineer, he strived hard to make is forte in an entirely different feild. He ventured into properties when he was forced make a difficult choice for his family. From there he moved on to creating a sacred space for himself on the outskirts of Delhi which is called Mundka. This space cum office expanded through his hard work, thus taking shape of a big garden. The vision to give people an open space for marriages was born and it was named Abhinandan Vatika. Inspired by him lot of other people opened this kind of a place in Mundka and other places.

He is a social figure who has helped many selected organisations through charities and donations. He has been covered by local media and news on many occasions.